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Wooden Garage Doors

Homeowners, who love timber and like to get wooden garage doors in Ajax, Ontario, may turn to our team. Do so to get an estimate for the wooden garage door installation service and discover the best options for your home. Choose our team for this important project to be certain everything is done by the book, from start to finish.

Also, choose Ajax Garage Door Repair for services. Residents who use a wood garage door will find our service team very useful. That’s due to our availability for all services, responsiveness, and affordable prices. Also, due to our expertise with all timbers.

Why is this important, we hear you ask? Not all wood species are the same. Some are heavier than others. Some are more resilient than others. At the end of the day, it’s important to use the right garage door parts and the correct service methods to address problems and carry out any job. That’s one more reason why we make a difference, even if it comes to a minor wooden garage door service.

Seeking new wooden garage doors & Ajax installers?

Wooden Garage Doors Ajax

We provide wooden garage doors to Ajax homeowners. If you are interested in installing a wood garage door, let’s talk about your needs. Let us send a tech to measure. Today, there are many choices among standard two-car and one-car wooden garage door sizes. There are also various timbers and a world of designs for a contemporary, traditional, or modern look.

Of course, you can personalize the wooden garage door designs and pick specific features to align with your particular needs and aesthetics. This can happen by having the wood garage door custom-made. This is often a must. That’s when the standard sizes do not fit and getting custom wooden garage doors becomes mandatory.

The good news is that no matter what’s required in your garage and no matter what your taste and requirements are, there are choices. The new wooden garage door will be the exact match to your needs and installed to perfection.

From wooden garage door repair to replacements, turn to our team

As a full-service company, we are ready to serve all those of you who may currently need wooden garage door repair. Or, maintenance. Or, an old wood garage door replaced. Or, some parts replaced. As you can see, you can turn to us for any service and all projects, from repairs to upgrades and new installations. And so, there’s no need to think about it or take risks. If it comes to Ajax wooden garage doors, the most experienced installation and service company is at your disposal. Speak with us.